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Causey Basic: Strategic Plan Management Simplified

Introducing Causey Basic, the perfect solution for organizations seeking a structured yet simple approach to maintaining their strategic plans. It's the answer for those who need a dedicated space to keep their strategic plan organized, accessible, and measurable without any bloat or unwanted complexity.

Why Causey Basic?

- Dedicated Strategy Space: Maintain your plans in a secure, personal space with a straightforward plan-only view that keeps your strategy clear and concise.

- Simplified Organization: Causey Basic replaces messy spreadsheets and documents with a clean, structured format for your strategic plan.

- Historical Insight: Track the execution of your strategy with a variety of views and reports, ensuring no detail of your plan's progress is lost over time.

- Minimalist Approach: Designed for minimal user interaction, it's ideal for teams that prefer a low-maintenance strategy tool without active engagement features.

What does Causey Basic provide?

1. Streamlined Planning Interface

A focused plan-only view for outlining and updating your strategic plan without the clutter of unwanted features.

2. Qualitative and Quantitative Measurement

Use Goals and Metrics to track what is working and what is not.

3. Document Storage

Start with a 256 MB storage capacity to store and manage your strategic documents.

4. Strategic Oversight

A historical record of your strategic plan and progress on that plan allows you to reference past decisions and progress at any time.

5. Expert Support

Make sure you get the most out of Causey by taking advantage of our dedicated support services.

Who is Causey Basic for?

Causey Basic is the ideal solution for organizations prioritizing a well-ordered, actionable, and readily available strategic plan without requiring intense collaboration across a large team.

How much does Causey Basic cost?

Execute your strategic plan for the $30/month USD or $300/year USD.

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