Causey is giving away lifetime subscriptions and consulting support to organizations that primarily serve historically marginalized communities. Learn more!

Causey Support for Historically Marginalized Communities

The Mission Met consulting team and Causey software team have partnered up to support mission-driven organizations serving historically marginalized communities. We're here to help these organizations develop and execute their strategic plans more effectively.

You are invited to apply for consultative support and a free lifetime subscription to Causey!

Program Overview

Causey and our parent company, Mission Met, are committed to advancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) by empowering nonprofits serving histrocially marginalized communities with free, lifetime access to approachable strategic planning execution software. Additionally, selected applicants will also receive access to strategic planning guidance through a self-guided course, consulting, and coaching.

Our mission is to break down barriers to success, foster collaboration, and amplify impact, ensuring that every organization dedicated to uplifting underserved populations has the tools and support needed to thrive and create meaningful change.

Benefits of the Program

Selected organizations will receive the following:

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, your organization must:

  • Primarily serve a historically marginalized community.
  • Annual revenue below $1M USD.
  • Desire to implement and commitment to plan and execute strategically.
  • Willingness to share feedback and/or testimonials of success in the program.
  • Active 501c3 if US based, project of a fiscal-sponsored organization, or registered charity in country of incorporation.
  • Existing Mission Met clients or Causey customers are not eligible.

To help you understand if your organization is eligible to apply, please review the below definition of a historically marginalized community*.

A histrocially marginalized community consists of individuals and groups who are systematically disadvantaged due to a variety of factors that may include but are not limited to, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, socioeconomic status, geographic location, or religious affiliation. Marginalization can result from historical oppression, structural inequality, discrimination, and policies that perpetuate exclusion. These communities often have their voices silenced or overlooked in mainstream societal narratives and governance, leading to an exacerbation of disparities and barriers to opportunities.

Characteristics of Historically Marginalized Communities:

  • Limited Access to Economic Opportunities: Historically marginalized communities often face higher rates of poverty, underemployment, and unemployment due to systemic barriers to education, training, and job markets.
  • Reduced Access to Healthcare and Education: These communities may experience disparities in access to quality healthcare and education, influenced by factors such as geographic location, economic constraints, and systemic biases.
  • Social Exclusion: Historically marginalized groups may be socially excluded or stigmatized based on their identity, beliefs, or status, affecting their social interactions and participation in community life.
  • Political Disempowerment: They often have limited representation and voice in political processes and governance, impacting their ability to influence decisions that affect their lives.
  • Vulnerability to Violence and Discrimination: Marginalization can increase susceptibility to various forms of violence, abuse, and discrimination, further entrenching inequalities.

If the group(s) with whom you engage primarily fall into the above descriptions of a historically marginalized community, we invite you to apply or contact us for more detail.

* "Historically marginalized community" is an admittedly an imperfect term and very hard to define, but we are using it because we want to serve organizations who are doing meaningful work to help to help those who need it most. When in doubt, please apply.

Application Is Currently Closed

We are not currently taking applications for the program. However, you can join the waitlist for next time.

For support or questions about past or current programs, please email

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Why are we doing this?

We are launching this program to offer pro bono subscriptions and provide consulting support as part of our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ). We aim to empower nonprofits serving historically marginalized communities, enhancing their capacity for strategic planning and execution. This initiative reflects our belief in co-creating a more equitable, inclusive world where every person feels valued and can contribute to societal change.

Ultimately, this program is a concrete action toward achieving systemic equity and inclusivity, aligning with our mission to support organizations driving social change.

We hope that it will strengthen the organizations with whom we work and enrich the communities they support. In turn, we expect to be challenged and changed in the process of serving these organizations by experiencing personal growth through increased empathy and open-mindedness, while also gaining valuable insights into effective organizational strategies and exposure to diverse programs that enhance strategic approaches with all of our clients.

Additionally, we see essential, important, and successful work being done throughout the world, and we want to be part of it in a small way. These leaders, organizations, and programs deserve to be lifted up and highlighted to create the most significant amount of impact possible.

Mission Met is a strategic planning consulting and software company that serves mission-driven leaders by helping them develop and execute their strategic plans through a simple and repeatable process. We’ve built Causey to serve mission-driven organizations of all sizes to help them be more effective and achieve their vision and goals.

Our mission is to make strategic planning simpler and more effective for mission-driven leaders.

  • With more than 25 years of experience serving nonprofits, Mission Met knows how to help you reach your goals.
  • Causey, our strategic planning execution software, supports hundreds of nonprofits in tracking and measuring their strategic plans.

Mission Met has always been committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. We support numerous social justice efforts, seek diverse opinions and resources, and provide inclusive and equitable strategic planning processes.

To learn more about our DEIJ efforts and additional resources, visit these pages:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I apply?
You're on the right page. Look for the "Apply in < 20 minutes" button.
When do I need to apply for consideration?
Apply ASAP for full consideration. We will close the application after receiving 30 applications or April 22, 2024, whichever comes first. This application will be opened annually. If you apply this year and are not selected, we encourage you to apply again next year.
What's the timeline?
The application will be open until April 22, 2024, however, if we receive more than 30 applications before then, we will close the application window. On or after April 22, a selection committee comprised of Mission Met consultants and staff will begin reviewing applications immediately. Selected organizations will be notified in May 2024.
What do I need to include in the application (materials, support documentation)?
You can expect the application to take you around 20 minutes to complete. It has five sections total, with four that need you to fill in or select your response. Sections include organization information, contact information, strategy information, and eligibility and consent. You will need to know your organization's EIN number to verify your nonprofit status. No additional materials are needed.
Why is this an important initiative for Mission Met and Causey?
Mission Met is deeply rooted in our unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. We have supported countless social justice initiatives, actively seeking out diverse perspectives and resources to fuel our inclusive and equitable strategic planning processes, and have served nonprofits and marginalized communities for more than 25 years.
How many organizations will you select? 
We will select at least 3 organizations in 2024.
Can I share the link with other organizations?
Yes, of course!
Have more questions?
Please email
How can I determine if I'm eligible to apply?
Eligibility is based on a few factors including communities served and annual revenue - look for the the "Eligibility Criteria" section above.
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