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New Features (June 2020)

Photo of Megan Drapcho Megan Drapcho

You may have noticed some enhancements to Mission Met Center that can help you track, measure, and implement your strategic plan. Here is a round-up of some of the newest features:

Calendar Feed

Want to sync your Google or iCal calendars with your plan’s goal and action item deadlines? We have two options for you. Opt to subscribe to your organization’s calendar (which will sync all goals and action items for your organization) and your individual calendar (which will sync only the goals and action items assigned to you.) 

Learn more about calendar feed in this help article

Action Items: Progress Tracker

We’ve added the popular goal progress tracker to action items! Now when you add or edit an action item, you can track the progress toward completion with the % slider and note if the task is completed or not with the status checkbox.

Learn how to track your action item progress in this help article

Weekly Look-ahead Email

To keep you on track, we’ll send you an email every Monday that will list your goals and action items that you’ve completed recently, and any goals and action items that are due soon (or past due). You’re automatically registered to receive this email. Set your notification preferences on your account page.

Learn more about the weekly look-ahead email in this help article

Add Key Team Members to Focus Areas

We know you know the importance of teamwork in the strategic planning process. In addition to champions, you can also add key team members to Focus Areas.

Learn how to add key team members to Focus Areas in this help article

Many of these features were developed because of feedback from you, our users and our community, on what would help your organization be most successful in creating your strategic plan. Thank you! 

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