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New Features (October 2021)

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Mission Met Center (MMC), your strategic planning software, has some new features and an updated look! We’re excited to tell you more about what we’ve been working on.

New LookMany of the forms within MMC have been redesigned with a cleaner look that improves your experience. 

With these updated forms, we’re happy to announce that you can receive strategic planning guidance built into the software while you work on your plan. Need help with picking focus areas or crafting the perfect mission statement? The suggestions menus list the most commonly used areas of a strategic plan and provide even more guidance in a longer article. Of course you can continue to add your own text and custom elements to your plan. Your time is valuable and this feature offers immediate support while you are working on your plan. 

Learn more about the suggestions menu.

Add Notes to GoalsAlong with the new look, the action item section in a focus area has been redesigned. The new design mirrors the Documents app and allows you to add notes, links, or attachments to your goals. Now you can embed important documents directly into the plan to easily reference later. 

We’ve also expanded the ability to rearrange and sort these documents simply by dragging and dropping by selecting the up-down arrow. In the Documents application, arrange the categories and documents as needed.

Learn more about adding documents to your goals.


As we grow and serve more customers across the globe, we are dedicated to translating the software into other languages for users both near and far. We’ve recently translated the software into Hindi, Māori, and offer the option for users to select between versions of English (UK and American). Set and update your preferences by visiting your Account. Don’t forget to change your timezone, and date/time formats too!

Learn more about updating your account preferences.

Allow Setting Default Language for Plan View Links

As a reminder, MMC offers a shareable link of your active plan (accessible in Plan Settings) so you can give anyone access to the software and that plan in a view-only capacity. Anyone with the link can view the plan but won’t be able to edit it or access other areas of the software. This important feature allows you to share your plan with non-team members.

As we expand user account settings and preferences, we recognize that you might also need to select certain settings for viewers who access your plan through the view-only link. You can now select the language and date/time format for the person receiving the plan via this link.

Learn more about the view-only link.

Update Privacy Policy

All companies have paperwork and administrative tasks and we’re no exception! Read our updated privacy policy and view our terms of service.

Learn more about how we secure your data.

Have feedback? Want to tell us about how we’re helping your organization develop and execute your strategic plans? Just hit reply and let us know.

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