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Overcoming Barriers to Nonprofit Partnerships Building Strong Collaborations for Social Impact

Photo of Ricky Chilcott Ricky Chilcott

Strategic partnerships enable nonprofits to pool strengths, resources, and expertise to tackle complex social issues and achieve greater collective success, driving lasting positive change.

Check out Mission Met’s blog about specific barriers to partnerships that we hear about from mission-driven leaders, including limited resources, communication issues, and inadequate planning. The article also offers suggestions for how to overcome each barrier.

We’d like to offer a suggestion of our own to help partnerships succeed — use technology tools where you can. Causey can help you define the Mission, Vision, and Values of a partnership, as well as define your goals and track progress. Having one consistent place to provide updates will help the partnership teams communicate efficiently and effectively.

Overcoming barriers to nonprofit partnerships requires commitment, communication, and collaboration. Causey can help with those three elements and can help partnerships run smoothly.

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Ricky Chilcott

Ricky Chilcott

Co-Founder, Software Developer

(844) 677-7526 ext 701

As a passionate co-founder of Mission Met, a strategic planning company in Athens, Ohio, I combine my expertise in software development, business strategy, and project management to support non-profits globally. While my personal journey started with an almost decade long career in higher education, I'm so glad I'm in the social good sector.

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