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Causey Pricing and Tiers

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Today, we made a significant change in our business by rebranding Mission Met Center to Causey –  a standalone, strategic planning software that can serve any mission-driven team regardless of method, experience level, or relationship with Mission Met.

As part of this change, are implementing new pricing tiers for the first time since launching in 2015. The change in pricing is intended to better align our business with the success of our customers.

Learn more about our rebranding.

We’re changing our pricing

Today we’re announcing three new pricing tier options to provide your organization with options on what you need for your strategic planning efforts.

The Lite tier is a great starting point for any organization’s strategic plan.  

The Core tier is for organizations who want to advance their strategic planning process.

The Solid tier is for those looking to get the most out of their strategic plan.

Here’s why

We love working side by side with our customers, mission-driven leaders like you. The interest and growth we’re seeing in customers who are looking for more advanced features or who just need the software and not consulting through Mission Met has driven this decision. 

We want our customers to have options when it comes to working with Mission Met. This change in pricing allows us to build our software and our team in a way that provides all customers with the tools they need to advance their mission through their strategic planning efforts. 

These changes are intended to make our customers more successful by maintaining the current features of our software and developing new and exciting features.

No impact on existing customers until August 31,  2023

We are incredibly grateful to our customers. We love helping you advance your mission and partnering with you on your strategic plan. We know that summer is a time of reflection before many dive into strategies for the fall season. We also want to provide you with time to get in touch with us if you have questions.  That’s why we don’t want pricing to change until August 31.

For existing customers:

Our commitment

With everything we do, we take the time to consider the impact our decisions will have on our customers and our team. This decision has been made after a lot of thought, reflection, and review. 

We hope you have experienced value with Mission Met Center and will continue to trust Causey with your strategic planning needs.  We are committed to continuing to add value to the product to justify this change.

This begins today with the announcement of two new features – tags and super focus mode.

We’ve expanded focus mode for Core and Solid tier subscribers. Focus mode for Lite subscribers allows users to populate the actions of the plan for items that are only assigned to them. When super focus mode is on, users have the ability to populate the actions section by any person on your team, by tag and by progress update status. Super focus mode is available in both the Strategy and Metrics apps.

Additionally, Core and Solid subscribers can create and add tags to most aspects of their plan. This makes your content easily searchable using filters and can help you find information across your plan that relates to a specific topic.

Product improvements on the horizon

We are also putting plans in place for future feature introductions and improvements.

Have a different idea, share with us.

Get in touch

We’re grateful to all past, present, and future customers. We’re dedicated to providing the best product and service possible. Your feedback has helped shape the vision for this tool. We wouldn’t be here without you. If you have questions about any of these changes, please reach out.  

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