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Our Metrics App is Growing!📈

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We’re thrilled about the interest and engagement level of MMC users in the Metrics app! 

We wholeheartedly agree with the quote from Author and Entrepreneur Seth Godin, “If you measure it, it will improve.” Based on your feedback, we’ve made a number of changes and improvements to Metrics. 


🤔 Need clarity on who is in charge of tracking your stats? Name a Metric Champion in Mission Met Center!

If you know anything about us, it’s that we sing the praises of the champion role. It’s crucial to the success of your strategic plan that someone at your organization champions the planning process.

We apply this term to all aspects of a strategic plan and now you can add up to two people to champion your metrics. Designating a metric champion is one of the best ways to ensure that the metric gets regularly measured. 

Read more about how to add a metric champion 


Want to compare your measurements against historical or industry data? Try using baselines.

Baselines are a comparison number for an individual metric. Often these are sector/industry baselines or past data from your own organization. Enter a baseline for your metric so you can easily compare your data.

Read more about baselines 


📊 In need of a more nuanced data entry pattern? Delta or Snapshot measurements might be the answer!

Do you provide measurements as a snapshot? Or would you prefer to add or subtract from the last measurement recorded. Per metric, you can select the default entry option known as snapshot or delta

For example, maybe you’re tracking program participation and your metric is to provide all participation based on the individual events. You should select the snapshot entry option for this type of metric.

Alternatively, you might be tracking program participation to see the total participation across all events, and not necessarily looking at individual events. If that’s the case, you can select the delta entry option, which allows you to simply add to the previous measurement.

Read more about snapshot and delta measurements 


Email Reminder

”When was I supposed to update that Metric?” 🔔 Get regular measurement reminders in your inbox!

We want to help make sure your measurements happen so we send automated emails to your metric champions that serve as a reminder to add measurements. We recognize that the process of measurements can look different for every organization and every metric. When you set up your metric, you can adjust the reminder frequency so champions will only get the messages at the times that are appropriate for your organization and that particular metric (weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly).

Read more about setting a measurement reminder 

Edit Measurements

You can now edit your measurements! 

No need to delete and start again. Simply select the Edit Measurement button and you’ll be able to edit and save your updated information. 


Export/Import Capabilities

We’ve got CSV files covered with exporting or importing measurements on metrics. 

You can download all of your metrics (or just individual ones) to a csv file which includes the metric, unit, measurement, date of measurement, status and notes. You can also import a file with measurements for a metric to be included in your metrics list.

Read more about exporting and importing metrics 

The expanded Metrics app offers something for all kinds of nonprofits – a simple way to track and measure progress for beginners, and advanced options for data experts. 

And remember, if you’re just starting out with data reporting, don’t worry about whether your metrics are spot on. Work toward creating a regular process of measuring, reporting, and analyzing them. Over time you can revise your metrics so that they better reflect your organization’s impact. 

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