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Mission Met Center's Newest Features

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Here is all the news on our latest features and updates to Mission Met Center.

Launch your organization 🚀

Meeting your needs when building and executing your plan

We recognize your organization has different needs from the application as you “build the plan” vs. “execute the plan” For this reason, we’ve developed a way to set the status of your organization to either “building” or “launched.” 

Setting your plan to “building” will indicate to team members that the plan’s content is not ready for actions to be taken. Additionally, the automated messages that MMC sends to team members, such as the look-ahead and monthly progress emails, will be paused. 

Once your organization is set to “launched” status, it indicates the plan is ready for action! If they are signed up, automated emails will be sent to team members. 

Learn how to set your organization’s status

Side note related to automated emails

We know you get a lot of emails. To help cut down on inbox clutter, we’ve made some changes to our automated messages. If you don’t have any items on the plan assigned to you, you will no longer receive a weekly look-ahead email. 

Additionally, we’ve made the language more clear in the look-ahead email to indicate if items are due soon or if items on your plan are due at a later time. This will help you manage priorities while still letting you know important parts of your plan that are coming up. 

Learn about automated emails and how to subscribe

Lock your plan** 🔒

In plan settings, you can now “lock” a plan, which means a plan cannot be edited by anyone, including administrators. We recommend using this feature for all past plans. This will help stop the possibility of someone erroneously working on the wrong plan, regardless of if it is active or inactive. 

Learn how to lock and unlock a plan

Ways to Share Your Plan

**Presentation View Print Option** **🎦**

We’re thrilled with how many of you use Presentation View to present your plan to your board or other key stakeholders. We’ve enhanced this feature with a print-friendly version.  

Learn more about Presentation View


You can also generate PDFs of all reports. Feel free to download and use for your own purposes or for sharing key information with others. 


Focus areas can be cloned 🐑

You’ve been able to clone goals and now you can do the same with focus areas.  

Learn more about Focus Areas

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